Free Calls to US and UK Landline

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Happy Holidays! To celebrate this time of the year, we are giving free calls to US and UK landlines!

This is in effect from Dec 20, 2010 to Jan 1, 2011. It is open for all existing and new customers. So start talking with your loved ones and share the joy.

You can check out the site at:

Free calls to UK
Free Calls to US

Fair Usage policy applies.

Happy Calling!
uVOIPit Team.

Register Your Account with Facebook

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We have added a new feature that now allows you to register your account with your Facebook credentials. This is only for new customers. This feature will allow for faster registration and less form-filling.

uVOIPit is growing very fast and we are happy to serve you in every way. Soon we will be launching some magnificent new services that other VoIP providers do not have. We hope that you will keep calling with uVOIPit.

We are here for you.

Call from PC to Phone at Almost No Cost

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You find more and more people who call from PC to phone to connect and communicate with their family and friends in different parts of the world. The innovations in internet technology have resulted in the creation of one of the most important tools used in connecting people from all over the world. Today, PCs are not only used for computing, but they are also used as communication tools.

It has become a popular trend to call from PC to phone as it allows an individual to not just talk with one person, but offers the facility of conference calling that allows more than one person to join the same conversation at the same time from any where in the world. With the advent of calls from PC to Phones, many service providers like Skype, Yahoo and Gmail talk have come into existence. These service providers offer cost effective and even free services for calling from PCs to phones. You can call from PC to phone locally as well as internationally.

There are advantages to this mode of communication. When you call from PC to phones, you need to be online, but the person at the other end can talk on the phone without being online. Using the PC to call regular phones is usually free. When you call from PC to phone, you get clarity, as the sound is of high quality, since the person on the other end would have a phone connection, as opposed to a PC in the case of PC-to-PC calls.

To be able to call from PC to phone you need to download a software on your PC. To activate this system and dial the number all you need is a keyboard, a mouse and the computer screen or monitor for visual display of the number and status of the call. To be able to communicate and listen to the person on the other side you need a headphone and a microphone. You will need external speakers if you have an old PC, but the latest PCs and laptops come with inbuilt speakers and microphone and are an ideal option when looking to call from PC to phones.

You can use your PC or laptop a major communication tool and make free calls to anywhere around the world with the help of your internet connection. You can make free local and international calls once you activate the feature to call from PC to phones.

India Calling Card: Calling India Made Trouble-Free

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Making international calls to India has been made simpler than ever before. Online features and support through the internet have made the process hassle free. Moreover you can track the history of calls made, add funds to your account or recharge automatically. There are number of easy features that take away the hassles of making an international call to India. Here are some easy steps to set up and get started on an India calling card.

You can sign up online and register five frequently used personal numbers. These numbers could be your mobile, home, office or any other phone number which you would use often. Customers are advised not to register common area numbers where many people would be sharing the phones. Once you’ve signed up and registered the numbers all you need to do is dial up the India calling card number from any of registered numbers, enter the PIN and dial your destination directly. The system would also allow you to dial the destination number directly from your registered phone numbers.

An online list provides you with the access numbers to phone cards in your country. Features like speed dial allow you assign a single digit to your frequently called numbers there by you can log in and call a destination number by dialing just the assigned single digit.

You have the option of recharging your India calling card manually or automatically. Not being sure of the credit balance while making an important or a long duration call is of the past. Now with the option of recharging your card automatically you can make long duration calls without running out of funds. Every time your credit balance on your India calling card goes below a preset amount your account will be recharged from your credit card automatically ensuring you have sufficient funds at all times.

Wherever you are, your family, friends and other close associates in India can now dial a local number to call you. You can choose a local number for your account out of a choice of 30 countries. You can forward an international call either to your mobile or home number and pay the same rate you would to make a local call to that destination.

Follow the simple procedure for domestic calls: dial 1 plus the area code and the destination number followed by # key and for international calls just dial the country code followed by the number then the # key. With these simple procedures and many helpful features you can enjoy uninterrupted calls to India.

The India calling card allows you to enjoy big savings while making international and long destination calls. Once you have listed your mobile number as one of your frequently used numbers the system would recognize your mobile number, making it convenient for you to call from anywhere without having to remember so many digits.

Convenient ways to call Bangladesh

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People staying away from their homeland usually get homesick after a few days. The thoughts about their family and their near and dear ones always haunt them. The most convenient solution to this problem is to make an international call. However, things are not as easy as they seem to be. Making an international telephone call is a costly affair more so, for the middle income group individuals. The only refuge to this problem comes in the form of cheap calls using international calling cards. If your homeland is in Bangladesh, you will be amazed to know that you have before you, many options, to call Bangladesh numbers.

There is a multitude of cheap international calling card accessible in the global market. These affordable cards are mostly compatible, with leading telecom service providers in the world. These service providers have the required permissions and licenses, which permit them to offer their global clientele, superior calling facilities. You can use a majority of these calling cards to call Bangladesh numbers, as well as call other numbers in the subcontinent. These international calling cards are mostly available with global vendors, who are located in the U.K and the United States. The vendors allot required number of calling cards to their global franchise, all over the world.

According to a recent survey, most of the international cheap calling cards are available with the global card vendors; and they are mostly sought for the South Asian countries. This is due to the fact that South Asians especially people from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, are opting for better jobs in western nations; and they are leaving their homeland looking for better options. Hence a tremendous requirement for calling cards in these countries has increased in the recent times. Now with international calling cards, you can call Bangladesh, India or any other South Asian country conveniently, and that too, within your budget.

To call Bangladesh or any other country number in Asia from western nations used to be quite a costly affair, even in the recent past. Now, with the technological boom, and more so with the emergence of VoIP services, calling any number in Asia, or so to say, in any other country in the entire world has become easier, cheaper and convenient. There are several VoIP providers alone in the U.S.A, who provide users with unique offers of dialing numbers in Asia, with low call rates. You can utilize one of these VoIP providers` and call Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka or other South Asian countries, wherever be your homeland; and you can talk to your near and dear ones and stay connected. However, before you make your pick, make sure if the service provider is making any false claim, and check if the charge rates are in accordance with the government norms, to avoid unnecessary hassles.